Your body is an electromagnetic powerhouse. Every second of every day, it oscillates and vibrates in a continuous hum. This energy is what gives your body life. It is the source of thought, movement, and emotion. Invisible to the naked eye, its currents and rhythms ebb and flow like the tides.

The initial spark of your powerhouse happened at fertilization, and has continued until this very day. It cannot be seen directly, but we measure it using EKG and EEG — the instruments that detect and map heart and brain waves, respectively.

But it’s not just your heart and brain that operate electrically. Every cell in your body oscillates and vibrates. Science is beginning to “discover” something the ancient sages knew thousands of years ago. There is a continuous, unified energy field throughout your body and it is the primary carrier of signals between cells.

Your body is literally communicating and coordinating its functions using energy waves.

Your body is also an infinitely sensitive instrument of perception. In fact, its primary job is to allow you to interface between external and internal worlds. Minute environmental changes in temperature, pressure, mood, light, sound and even thoughts are all registered by your body all the time. And, each subtle shift elicits a response.

Most of this happens with little conscious awareness or thought. Circulation, respiration, digestion, immunity all make subtle adjustments on a continuous basis, guided by an unseen, yet exquisite intelligence that oversees every detail of the millions of chemical reactions required.

And, herein lies the secret of acupuncture.

Acupuncture taps into this intelligent, unified energy field and causes perceptual shifts. These are then reflected as subtle but very real shifts in physiology.

Mood improves, pain dissipates, sleep patterns adjust, circulation improves. This is not a reaction to chemical changes, like those created by drugs. It is a core change that emanates from an amplification of the intelligent energy field that connects your spirit and body.

In other words, acupuncture assists your body to self-correct, using the innate healing blueprint you contain. It activates the deep intelligence that lives and breathes in every cell, organ, and tissue — and in the unseen energy patterns — of your body. This is a spark of the very intelligence that created the Universe! Of course it knows how to heal you!

These flows of energy are real. Just as your cellphone receives and organizes unseen energy from the air into images, words, and data on your screen, our bodies receive and organize the unseen energy of the Universe into the cohesive, functioning whole human being that you are. This life-force energy shifts and moves through your body, giving it shape and driving the billions upon billions of chemical reactions going on every second. It gives the organs their unique skills, and coordinates signals between body systems.

This may sound magical, and in a sense, it is. When you think about it, life itself — no matter how much we try to reduce it down to just chemicals — is truly magical. As much as science can explain and predict via mathematics and theorems, via chemistry and physics, there is 1,000 times more that is unexplainable. Every day new discoveries are made that call into question the prevailing theories of the day.

But, this remains constant. There is a life force, an energy, that lives, moves, and breathes within you. Amplify and tune that energy, and you express more life, more of your true self.


This is what acupuncture does: It amplifies and tunes the very life force that makes you YOU. It brings to bear the very blueprint of the most vibrant, healthy, happy YOU.

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