(Originally posted New Year’s Day, 2013)

The turning of the year is a natural time to reflect on the past and decide on changes for the future. As the year ends and a new one begins, we are in the depth of Winter, a time when nature is still and inwardly reflective. The year’s harvest is complete, and all slows down for rest. The night lengthens, the temperature cools. Animals hibernate and nest, plants shed last year’s leaves and the seeds spread during fall go deep into the earth to wait for their emergence in Spring.

Take some time now to reflect on your year. What seeds did you plant? Did you intentionally move in a direction that serves your heart? Did you enjoy an abundant harvest? What are the things you learned about yourself?

I’m always amazed at how so many of us, myself included, choose limitation instead of openness, growth, and healing. Did this year feel limited? Was it a struggle?

I invite you to take some time now, BEFORE the year turns, to sit down with intention and focus. Read through this exercise right now and follow the steps in your mind. Later, take some quiet, alone time to do them again with more focus and intention. And, continue to do them daily over the next several days. You’ll be amazed at the result.

  1. ​Imagine you are sitting on a mountaintop. The valley in front of you represents the year to come. Behind you is the year that just passed. Sitting on this mountaintop, you have a complete view of both and you are in a position of complete power. Sit for a moment and enjoy this vantage point where you determine what the future will bring.
  2. Now, turn to the valley behind you, and look at the past year. See if you chose to limit yourself — your health, your joy, your sense of well-being, your connection to abundance. Did you make choices that kept these things at arm’s length in any way? Be honest with yourself. You are alone on this mountaintop, and you have nothing to hide. Do this without fear, anger, or judgment. Radiate a sense of unconditional lovingkindness towards yourself right now. It’s OK that you did this. Don’t be mean to yourself in any way. Don’t try to hide from these limitations.
  3. Right here and now, choose to let go of these limits. See the past year, and your disappointments and fears, and with a heart full of love, compassion, and kindness, let all of these things go. Don’t hold onto a single one. Name them, bring them out into the light, and then let them go. Thank them for what they have taught you, and lovingly say goodbye.
  4. Now, turn and look at the valley in front of you. You aren’t going to limit yourself like you did last year. There is an uncharted expanse in front of you, and you now create a vision that is based on limitless joy, freedom, happiness, and abundance for yourself. Don’t be afraid to do this. Do it because you feel a sense of lovingkindness towards yourself. You no longer want to suffer.
  5. Let your imagination go, and see what this amazing, joyous, abundant year looks like. See it already complete. What did you accomplish? What job or career path did you take? What kinds of new ventures do you embark on, or how do you get more out of what you have right now? How do you bring out the joy, abundance, and inner peace within you?

You see, it is your vision, your belief, your intention, that will determine what seeds you plant and what harvest you reap this year. Make it yours. Own it. Be relentless about this.

Make this your best year ever.

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I sincerely and unconditionally hope you’ll make this year about removing limits and committing to a life of abundance, vitality, and success.

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