Life is designed to move. Everywhere in the Universe, things are in constant motion. The stars, planets, galaxies… Moon, Earth, oceans, winds… Grass growing, seasons changing. Nothing ever stops.

The same holds true within our bodies. It is the nature of life to move inside us. This includes thoughts and feelings, which are in constant flux as we interact with and respond to our environment.

Science is beginning to acknowledge something that the sages knew long ago — that our mind and emotions are the primary drivers of our biology. Thoughts and feelings are the energy that moves everything. Think a happy thought, and a biological response of “happy” follows. Think a sad thought, and “sad” chemicals and hormones are sent to our cells to inform them of our emotional state so that our physical state will match.

This is simply how life works. It moves. Energy moving energy. Simple, elegant, and precise.

And YOU are the mover of your energy. Simply put, your feelings and thoughts drive your physiology. Always.

So, then what is Depression? How does someone end up there? Each person’s path into depression is unique, but there is always a common theme. Energy stops moving.

Energy stops moving.

In every case, Depression is about feelings that aren’t being felt and thoughts that aren’t being given expression. In other words, the feelings are moving inwards instead of outwards.

Inward movement of emotional energy means the feelings get “stuck” inside. And, as this continues, the energy becomes more and more “compressed”. The lump in the throat, the pit in your stomach…

But, there is a way out. Step one: Look at what you’re really sad about. Step two: Love yourself in spite of it. Step three: Feel it so it can be ex-pressed and moved out.

The biochemical connection

Modern science looks at the body as a big chemical reaction. There is little room for Spirit/Soul/Essence in scientific theory. So, it is natural for modern medicine to see depression as a chemical imbalance only.

And, they are partially right. By the time someone is truly depressed, the condition HAS taken root in the body’s chemistry. This is why medication can be helpful.

This is also why committed, authentic self-care is not optional if you truly want to get out of a depressed state. The body, like feelings, needs movement. It needs to be nourished and given expression.

Know what you’re sad about, let it go. Then love yourself with all your heart and invest in the self-care that naturally arises out of that love.

Where love exists and is given expression, fear and sadness can not take up residence.

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