Angie was a sweet 32-year-old software project manager. She came to me while doing IVF, having been referred by her doctor.

Her first cycle had gone very poorly. Only 2 eggs and neither fertilized. If you know anything about IVF you know that for a 32-year-old woman, this is not an expected result.

She came to me to help with the next cycle. Results were a little better – a couple more eggs and two embryos – but she still did not get pregnant.

She tried one more cycle and got pretty much the same result again – two embryos, no pregnancy.

At that point, she decided to take a break.

About two weeks later she called me on the phone. Her doctor had told her she had the eggs of a 40-year-old woman, that it was very unlikely she would ever conceive, and recommended donor eggs. She wanted to know what I thought.

I didn’t really comment on the doctor’s opinion. I mean, what am I going to do – tell her the doctor’s wrong when I’ve never seen her eggs in the laboratory, and he did?

I just asked her if she was ready to give up. And her answer was essentially, “No, I’m not. Not yet.”

I also told her I personally have no issues with donor eggs or donor sperm, and I believe it is each couple’s right to make that decision for themselves. My job is simply to help them make the most of whatever they decide is right for them. I wanted it to be clear that I wasn’t recommending she NOT use donor eggs.

She thanked me for the call and let me know she still wanted to take a break and she’d be in touch once she felt ready to move forward again.

It was about a year later when I saw her again. She still hadn’t conceived. By this time, I had started recommending what I now call “The Three Foundations,” and I also had perfected my “Sun Cycle Diet.” So, I went ahead and started her on these. She also took a couple of herbal supplements (this book won’t get into herbs, but if you’re interested, I recommend you schedule a free consultation to discuss becoming a patient).

Long story short, soon after coming back to work with me again, she fell pregnant. She has since had two children and I have met them both and they are quite the pair.

Point here is that she was essentially told she could not conceive even with IVF. And, she ended up conceiving both of her children naturally.

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