The modern “wellness” clinic has started to emerge. As you may have noticed, more and more MDs are starting to pick up on the fact that, well, you aren’t as interested in their drugs and procedures as you used to be and that, in fact, you are much more engaged in natural, “unconventional”, and preventive approaches than ever before.

Modern medicine has reached a zenith, in my opinion, meaning that while the technological advances made in recent years have certainly been astonishing and groundbreaking, they have done little to actually improve quality of life for patients. And, unfortunately, they’ve also made the lives of physicians miserable in many cases.

So, there’s a wave of wellness clinics popping up. Many of them staffed by well-meaning MDs, chiropractors, and other health practitioners. It’s a natural consequence of two things, really:

  1. You, the “consumer”, are better educated than ever about your options. Thanks, in large part, to the internet.
  2. Because of this, you’re spending many billions (that’s “billions” with a “b”) of dollars out of your own pocket (i.e. not insurance), to improve your health, attempt to cure diseases that modern medicine continues to fail at treating, and take a more preventive approach.

But, in my humble opinion, there’s a problem.

I’ve been a Licensed Acupuncturist since 2004. Long before that, I was a natural health nerd. I researched like crazy about yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, spiritual awakening, homeopathics, energy medicine, and just about everything else considered alternative back in 1989, when I first became fascinated by healers and healing. I was 19 going on 20, just to give away my age.

The whole thing that fascinated me was how, with only the technology of the human mind, body, and spirit (which, by the way, I consider to be far superior to any computer, laboratory, or other equipment we’ve invented), people were able to achieve amazing levels of health, vitality, and well-being.

Today it’s called “wellness”. Back then, it was still mostly called “weird”.

Anyway, the point is that the natural medicine I became fascinated with, and studied, and eventually started to practice as a professional, was about the HUMAN element. It was about getting away from all that technology, and getting back to the roots, back to NATURE, back to the miraculous life force that CREATED all that technology in the first place.

It’s human nature to become fascinated by technology, gadgets, and gizmos. And, NO, I’m not discounting how critical the medical advances of the 20th and early 21st century have been. I probably would not be writing this, and you probably would not be reading it, if antibiotics, vaccines, surgery, and other modern medical inventions had not occurred.

Infant mortality used to be a 50-50 shot (and often included mother-mortality). What we consider a “routine” infection today was often “routinely” deadly. And, if you had an acute appendix, well… Good luck!

So, please don’t take me as trying to denigrate conventional medicine.

HOWEVER, I do want to state my opinion very clearly and unequivocally.

I think medical tests (particularly the expensive, out-of-pocket kind offered at most “wellness” clinics these days) are not only mostly unnecessary, they are also NOT the hallmark of what I consider to be a truly wellness-focused medical practice.

Am I saying medical tests should NEVER be ordered in a wellness setting? Of course not. They have their place.

But, the problem is that there are a good number of clinics out there calling themselves “wellness” clinics when, in reality, they are merely businesses making money off of expensive lab tests, expensive vitamins, and overpriced consultation fees.

I’m a capitalist. I understand that everyone in this country (the USA), and in many other places, has a right to charge the price they see fit, and to practice medicine the way they choose (as long as they aren’t flat out doing harm). And, in the case of the “technological wellness” clinics out there, I acknowledge that they aren’t harming anyone, and in some cases ARE helping.

To me, however, it’s just the conventional process “bolted-on” to natural medicine. It’s the whole system of “treating a test” vs. “treating a person” that has sent conventional medicine down a path that is currently being rejected by the average person seeking ongoing vitality, recovery from serious disease, and truly preventive medicine.

Tests cannot substitute for truly listening. Tests cannot substitute for the deep, primal intelligence of one human heart listening to the suffering and pain of another, to the story that suffering and pain elicits, and to the cues that story gives about what is truly out of balance in another living being.

I’ve found that, most of the time, the people I see have had all the tests. They’ve spent thousands of dollars. And, they’re still not better.

And, I know why.

Nobody’s asked them what they’re eating. Nobody’s asked them how they’re feeling about their life, their stresses, their condition. Nobody’s listened to THEIR ideas about what might be causing their problem.

Everybody’s too busy reading a test, and trying to force an “unwell” body into a “lab range”.

In my clinic, our process is simple. We listen. We care deeply. We know how to detect what is wrong based on your story. And, we recommend SIMPLE, easy-to-follow, common-sense NATURAL approaches that are cost-effective AND generate amazing results in most cases.

We’ve learned to TRUST nature’s healing intelligence. You see, your body hasn’t forgotten how to heal. And, it never will. No matter how sick you are now, or how sick you might ever be in the future, until your LAST BREATH, your body wants to heal. It wants to restore “wholeness”. It wants to express life to the highest capacity it possibly can.

That healing intelligence exists in a place that is beyond tests. You can’t measure it. Even if your labs are completely normal, it says NOTHING about that healing intelligence or its expression in your body at that moment. Conversely, even the most out-of-whack lab results don’t indicate the healing intelligence has disappeared or left.

It’s ALWAYS there, because it lives in the same place from which YOU were created, the same mysterious place from which every idea that led to all the inventions of medicine and technology emerged.

You can’t measure it because, well, it created the test. It’s beyond a math equation, it’s beyond intellectual reason.

To access it requires only one thing: Loving-kindness. And, it only requires it for a split second.

I’m not saying that the healing intelligence will automatically fix all your problems. No. You have to create the pathway for it to emerge into your life.

That’s the part where you change your diet, take medicines, and do the things necessary to give it a chance to do its work.

But, it ALWAYS starts with loving-kindness. And, most importantly, FOR YOURSELF.

You can still do your tests if you like. If reading them and seeing the numbers helps you feel better, that’s not a bad thing.

Just remember, that the true healer is beyond a number on a page.

And the true measure of healing is how alive you feel RIGHT NOW.

Nothing else matters.

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