I’m going to be blunt on this one. It’s not the water bottles that’s the problem. It’s dehydration or drinking things other than water that’s the problem.

I know this one is going to cause some controversy, especially amongst some of my peers who strongly believe in the recent research on BPA, or Bisphenol-Alpha, as a major cause of fertility problems.

But, here’s my point. Plain and simple, I don’t think the levels of BPA most people are exposed to is enough to cause infertility.

I DO, however, think that dehydration can cause infertility and – as I stated earlier – I believe that the most common cause of infertility is NOT toxins in the environment, but simply poor diet and poor lifestyle habits coupled with age.

We all want to find the magic bullet – to find that one thing and say, “AHA! That’s it! I’ve found the culprit…”

In this case, I believe it’s just a way to point to something other than the obvious.

Here’s the good news about this. There’s a LOT you can do to overcome the things I mentioned above – namely poor diet, poor lifestyle habits and, yes, even age.

The Three Foundations, which you’ll find in my book Awakening The Seed and that you can also download from Axelrad Clinic Academy, are three of the simplest things you can ever do to strengthen your natural ability to conceive by overcoming the most common dietary and lifestyle blocks.

So, I simply don’t want you to spend too much time stressing about plastic water bottles. Use common sense. If you can get all the non-plastic-contaminated water you need without causing too much stress or trouble, then by all means do so.

Otherwise, focus on what’s more important which is keeping yourself well-hydrated – which will give you way more net gains than losses even if there IS a little BPA in the water.

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