It’s supposed to take a long time, years of therapy, and tons of work to get to a place where you are able to consistently live with joy, calm, and happiness, right?

Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

By thinking it takes a lot of work, or years of therapy, or hours upon hours of meditation to achieve a joyful life, you simply convince yourself it does.

The fact is, joy, peace, and happiness exist right now, this very moment. You don’t have to do anything special, you simply have to allow yourself to tune into them.

There are two critical times during the day when our consciousness is naturally more open to suggestion than at other times. If you intentionally use these two times to your advantage, you can experience dramatic shifts in mood and focus with very little effort.

The key is consistency. If you want results, you must commit and do the practice daily.

It won’t take long. In fact, the very first day you practice this you’ll feel changes. They may be subtle or they may be more pronounced.

So, what you do is plant very powerful seeds into your mind at these two specific times during the day. By doing it at these times, the seeds go much deeper than they would otherwise, and their effects are much more profound.

The first seed is an affirmation of your power to create positive mind-states at will.

Yes, that’s right, you have the power to create positive mind-states at will, whenever you choose.

I know – you’ve been told otherwise. You’ve been told that you must accept life as it is, to be grateful for what you have, to “try to stay positive” in the face of life’s challenges.

It truly is a matter of choice, not effort. You simply learn how to shift your mind into a state that supports a natural, gentle, calm sense of joy.

But you have to believe you can do it.

You must trust that you have the ability. And, this is where our first affirmation comes in.

The Morning Affirmation Of Power

You simply repeat the following 3 times right after you wake up, before you get out of bed:

“Today and every day I fearlessly choose to exercise my power over mind. I create joy, calm, kindness, and any other state I choose, at will. Thoughts no longer have power over me.”

Why right after you wake up? Because at this time your mind is in a completely open state. It has just re-entered what we call the “waking state”. If you set this intention at the very beginning, it is like dropping a pebble into a pond that is completely still. The ripples will spread far and wide very quickly.

The next step is to affirm your power to rest, to set aside the problems of the day and find peace within.

Again, we think that inner calm and peace come when we develop the ability to stop thinking and clear our minds.

But, this is not how it works. An agitated mind is like a lake after a storm. It is turbulent. The only thing that settles it is allowing it to dissipate the energy. There is no way to force this to happen.

Fighting against mind by trying to “stop thinking”, we actually just agitate mind more.

So, we let go. We allow the mind its space to churn and we rest anyway. We are able to find rest and this then allows the energy within mind to come to rest.

The Bedtime Affirmation Of Rest

So now, as you’re going to sleep, you’re going to set the intention very clearly that you want to rest and that you CAN rest.

Again, this is a mind-over-matter proposition – or maybe more accurately – a SPIRIT over MIND proposition.

What you’re going to do is set up what I call an “internal boundary” between yourself and your thoughts. You’re going to be calm even if your mind is chattering on like a crazed monkey.

You say the following three times:

“I affirm my power to rest in the midst of whatever my mind is thinking. I let go of the day’s problems and go deep within to find peace and restoration. I will wake up tomorrow ready to begin anew.”

With this you visualize any problems you might be thinking of fading off into the distance, as you let them go and affirm that, indeed, tomorrow you’ll be ready to tackle them.

Don’t Wait. Do This Tonight.

Get started tonight when you go to bed. Here’s a foolproof way to make sure you succeed:

  1. Get two sticky notes.
  2. Write the morning affirmation on one of them, the bedtime affirmation on the other.
  3. Before you go to sleep tonight, read the bedtime affirmation three times, imagining that your intention is like a pearl sinking deep into your mind where it will infuse you with a sense of peace and calm.
  4. Upon arising, remember to reach over and grab the sticky note with the morning affirmation. Again, read it three times and imagine the intention sinking into your mind like a pearl and infusing itself into your consciousness.

Repeat these rituals daily. Simply do them. There’s no need to think about it.

Then, watch as amazing changes begin to unfold within you and around you. It is truly a powerful, uplifting, healing practice.

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