I want to use Diana’s story for this one, too.

You’ll notice that I didn’t mention any diagnosis in Diana’s case other than her high FSH number…

Nobody had a clear explanation for what the cause of Diana’s fertility issues was – except assuming she was too old and playing the “age” card.

Yes, she was 43. Yes, she was obese. Yes, she had a stressful job. No, she didn’t have a regular cycle and, yes, she did an IUI on day 8 of her cycle.

And, she still got pregnant even though nobody knew – and I still have no clue – what the heck was going on.

Diana was one of those cases where I really didn’t know exactly where to start so I just gave her the fundamentals of my program to start. Then I was going to see where we needed to go from there.

I figured that, just like with most of my other patients, we’d have a few months to see how things progressed then we could adjust.

What I learned in her case is that when life is ready, life just does it. I didn’t have to even know all the details, and she didn’t either. She just followed the program and she got pregnant.

And, to this day I don’t even pretend to take ANY credit for it. I mean, sure, I gave her some basic recommendations and to her credit she was serious about implementing them.

It was her body, mind, and spirit that already knew what was wrong, knew exactly how to fix it, and made it happen.

To me, it always comes down to that in the end.

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