In life things don’t always go as planned. In fact, if we’re honest with ourselves, we see that life RARELY goes as planned.

Plans are logical, constructed ideas about how things “should” go or how we want them to go. We’ll get that job, then we’ll get that car, then we’ll find our mate, then we’ll settle down, then we’ll…

And on and on.

But there’s something else at play besides our logical, thinking minds. It’s a force that has always mystified and frustrated goal-setters.

This force takes us – sometimes very gradually and almost imperceptibly – down paths we never anticipated.

We learn things we never in a million years thought we would – or would WANT to – learn.

We go through trials and difficulties that we never asked for or feel like we don’t “deserve”.

We suddenly find people and situations that cause us to alter our trajectory through life in dramatic ways we never anticipated.

This force is DESTINY. And its guide is Spirit – or our “Higher Self”.

You see, there is a part of you (and me) that is much wiser and knowledgeable than the conscious, thinking part that’s reading this article right now.

It is the truth of who you really are. And, it is connected to the source of life itself. The source of life that created all things including galaxies, stars, planets, trees, oceans… ALL OF IT.

That immense creative power lives and pulses within you right now. It is keeping watch over the self that is reading this article.

You make contact with this part of yourself or, stated more accurately, you embody this part of yourself when you take risks, actively seek out change, and consciously look to your future with a sense of openness and adventure.

That last part is important. Because it is the true meaning of HOPE.

To me, hope isn’t about passively sitting around waiting for something to happen. It’s not doing the same things you always do and “hoping” things will change.

True hope requires active participation. You reach forward, knowing your destiny awaits, and you DO SOMETHING that will facilitate you getting closer to that destiny whatever it is:

  • Overcoming a difficult health challenge.
  • Meeting that person that is going to be your life partner.
  • Regaining your strength and healing from hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety…
  • Becoming a mother and feeling that unconditional love of your child…

Whatever it is, when you actively hope and seek positive changes that move you in that direction with an open heart and a sense of adventure and wonder, you are acting as that “higher self” that knows your destiny, that knows your greatness… that, in fact, EMBODIES YOUR GREATNESS.

So, whatever you do, always remember that as your most true, authentic self you have everything you need for success, for growth, for expansion, for fulfillment.

And, even though you might have to step back or let go for a while when things get tough – always remember you are creating your destiny.

Your destiny awaits – and that destiny will reflect the greatness you embody. It can’t be any other way.

Stay hopeful and peaceful…

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