The secret is out. Science has now “proven” what our ancient ancestors knew all along: How we eat determines how we live. Food actually affects our health, vitality, and longevity.

Many healthier aspects of the foods we eat are now common parlance on food labels. Gluten-free. Low in trans-fats. Organically grown. Low-carb. High in Essential Fatty Acids. A natural source of fiber. High in antioxidants.

Even with all the advances in understanding food’s effects on the human body, most people still don’t see food as medicine. Yes, healthy food is “good for you”, but food curing or preventing disease? Still a largely foreign concept.

In ancient times, before the development of powerful pharmaceutical drugs, people understood that foods have healing properties. They didn’t call these properties “antioxidants”, “healthy fats”, or “fiber”.

They used the healing properties of the foods in their local environment to both prevent and cure disease. They knew the healing properties of their food based on simple observation, a keen intuitive connection to nature, and a robust tradition passed down across generations.

In today’s world, we have, to a large degree, lost our connection with the simple, nature-infused thought process that allows us to instinctively know which foods heal. This is not to say that we aren’t making healthy choices. In fact, with the growing awareness of food’s impacts on health, we are arguably making better choices than ever.

Even with these choices, our society eats an amazingly high percentage of processed, factory-made foods. The makers of these foods have found inventive ways to package and market their products to a more health-conscious public (see the frequently-used labels I mentioned in paragraph 2 above).

But the fact remains: Nature produces all that we need to prevent and cure disease, to feel and be our best.

The ancient Chinese sages classified foods based on their “Qi”, or “Vital Energy”. They recognized that certain foods carry high degrees of Vital Energy, or Life Force, while other foods do not.

They also recognized different foods and herbs carried different kinds of Life Force energy. Some foods and herbs infuse life into the lungs, while others bring life-giving energies to the blood, the heart, the liver, the adrenal glands, bones and so on. In fact, nature has every base covered in terms of foods and herbs that heal.

I like the ancient viewpoint of foods as “Carriers of Life Force Energy” because it is stunningly accurate. Modern physics demonstrates that all of life is literally energy, and that potential energy is stored and transmitted by rocks, plants, soil, light, water, and other natural substances.

Food is also our most fundamental life relationship. It is physical substance we take into our bodies. It is energy we choose to merge into our being. It becomes part of us and resonates on every level — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

By recognizing and learning to use these two fundamental principles — food as “Life Force” and food as “relationship” — we revolutionize how we interact with food. It is no longer just something to eat. It becomes an alchemical process of transformation, of merging with and harnessing the Life Force energies of the Universe.

Plants have the most Life Force. After all, they literally consume the purest form of Life Force we know on Earth — the Sun. The fact that plants eat light means they convey all of the Universal Intelligence encoded in that light to our bodies when we consume them. This is why every single healthy diet ever studied is founded upon a large dose of plant-based foods.

Eating plants fuels your core Life Force — your Shen/Spirit.

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