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I started The Axelrad Clinic in 2004 as a Natural Women’s Healthcare clinic. My vision was to take the awe-inspiring, insanely deep wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the area of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and offer it to women as an alternative to the conventional drug-hormone-surgery model for treating complex hormonal issues.

Since then, we’ve added another acupuncturist, have two offices in the Houston area, and have treated over 3,000 patients for conditions ranging from menopausal difficulties, to infertility, to irregular menstrual bleeding, PMS, pelvic pain, endometriosis, hypothyroid, and beyond.

And, we’ve had really good results. REALLY good.

People ask me all the time (especially the patients once they start feeling better), “How does this work? I can’t believe I’m feeling so much better so quickly… Is this really possible?”

Sadly, you too may have bought into the myth that natural medicine is slow, or that it is weak and unable to treat difficult issues.

I’m here to tell you, that’s simply not true. Used skillfully, natural medicine is actually far superior to conventional medicine in many ways.

Hormonal problems are very, very subtle, and require a gentle, subtle, and precise approach. The treatments we use are exactly that: Gentle, subtle, AND precise.

In other words, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and nutrition are a great match for hormonal imbalance.

Understanding our results

Our results are not some kind of mysterious hocus pocus. They’re real, and they’re a direct outgrowth of something absolutely mind-blowingly amazing and miraculous.


See, all we do at The Axelrad Clinic is help you discover what’s not in sync in your body, and help you give your body’s innate, incredible healing system what it needs so it can fix the problem.

Your body KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. I promise. This isn’t rocket science at all. Your body has the complete blueprint for how to self-heal.

Hormonal issues are rarely because the hormones themselves are having a problem. In fact, hormonal issues, 99% of the time, reflect problems in the organs and tissues of the body that make support, and respond to the hormones.

Yes, prescribing hormones like birth control pills, thyroid, and others can make the symptoms go away, but it doesn’t really fix the root problem.

Tracy’s story

Like in Tracy’s case. Tracy was having chronic pelvic pain and bleeding. 3 surgeries and trying several different kinds of birth control were only partially correcting the issue. Worse, during her period she was all but debilitated from the severe pain.

Using our holistic diagnosis method, we were able to determine that her body’s gut / liver axis was impaired. These two systems work together to help the body keep estrogen from becoming excessive. The gut and the liver are integral to hormonal balance by providing clearance for estrogen and many other hormones, as well as inflammatory cytokines and other substances that can impair the body’s healing process.

Tracy received acupuncture which relieved the pain almost immediately. Over the next few months, with the acupuncture and our specific treatment plan designed to support her healing process in her liver and gut, she stopped bleeding, her periods became regular, and she was pain free. Even her periods became painless.

Alicia’s Miracle Bab(ies)

Or there’s the case of Alicia. After 3 failed IVFs, she thought she’d never have a baby. She was only 32 years old, and couldn’t believe she was having so much difficulty.

Clinically we were able to determine that stress was a big part of the problem. But it wasn’t just a matter of “relaxing and forgetting about it”. The stress had affected her pituitary-ovarian axis and drained her adrenal glands to the point where it was significantly affecting her ability to produce healthy eggs.

We gave her herbal treatments designed to balance her ovulatory cycle and support her body’s stress system including the adrenal glands and nervous system.

3 months later, she conceived her first child, who is now entering kindergarten. When she was ready for baby #2, she came back to us and, this time it took less than 2 months. Her little son is now entering preschool.

While not typical, Alicia’s results demonstrate that if your body isn’t strong enough, conventional medical treatments may not work well. We were able to strengthen and reinforce her body’s healing system, and then nature did its work.

Angela’s Mystery Illness – Solved

Angela was a mystery to a lot of folks. She’d been sick ever since giving birth to her last child 9 years ago. Chronic IBS, continual hot flashes, and persistent fatigue were relentless.

Test after test was run by physician after physician. They tried many different drugs, and even had her on hormones like thyroid, estrogen, and birth control at different times. Nothing helped.

We were able to use our holistic diagnostic process (which doesn’t involve lab tests, by the way), to listen to her story and understand the big picture.

After just a couple of months doing weekly acupuncture and taking supplements and herbs to heal her digestive tract and replenish her depleted immune and stress systems, as well as some gentle, non-hormone-based estrogen balancing compounds, Angela is completely symptom free. No IBS. No overwhelming hot flashes. Her energy and mood are level and, let’s just say she’s very happy.

It’s not rocket science

We don’t have to micromanage your body to get it to heal. While the conventional approach of very specific drugs to override and correct very specific functions can be very powerful and helpful — in fact even necessary at times — it does not strengthen the body. It doesn’t speak to the deeper wisdom embodied within you.

Herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and mind-body interventions, on the other hand, awaken the infinitely wise and powerful healing sage that already lives within you, who already knows every detail of the unique path to your most amazing self.

Healing is more than just feeling better. It’s a path that leads to your expression of deeper wisdom and truth. You feel better, but you also feel happy, alive, and energetic.

Do you or someone you know have a hormonal issue that’s not getting all the way better?

If you want to experience this, you just have to take the first step. In our case, it’s your free consultation. We’re here to help. We love to serve. You are welcome to come speak to us to find out how we might help you.

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