Here’s the bottom line (and some people are not going to like what I’m about to say):

There is not an infertility epidemic.

There is an epidemic of people waiting to have children a lot longer than nature intended.

It’s only been within the last 50 years or so that it became socially acceptable for women to insist on birth control – either by saying “no” or by taking the birth control pill.

This gave women a lot more power than they had previously in terms of deciding when to start their family.

But with that power came an unintended consequence – which was that nobody wanted to talk about the fact that in many cases even waiting until your early 30’s might cause trouble.

Nature brings a girl’s first period when she’s about 13 years old, give or take. Within a few years, she’s in the prime of her fertile life.

Biologically speaking, this is a very smart thing because even just 100 years ago, average life expectancy was just a shade over 35 years.

And, as recently as 1950 we were “above average” if we lived past 48.

In other words, until recently if you wanted a decent shot at being a grandparent, you’d better start having kids when you were very young.

So, the prime biological age to have children is about 16 years old to the mid-20s.

This isn’t an epidemic. It’s a choice.

Another thing that’s different about today is that in our industrialized society we no longer need a big family to survive. Back when most of us lived outside cities, in remote areas as hunter-gatherers and farmers (which was just a few minutes ago in Earth time), we needed large nuclear families to help with the daily work of survival like growing crops, hunting for food, and caring for both the young and the old.

Today, we can afford to wait to have kids because – well – we really don’t need them anymore. They’re a luxury. We can drive to the grocery store and get food. We can get in our cars and go to any number of places to meet with friends and socialize.

Just several hundred years ago you might live out in the middle of nowhere in a small tribal or village setting and barely see more than 20 – 30 other people for your entire life.

I’ve got statistics to back up what I’m saying, too (although I’m not huge on statistics because I believe they’re often skewed and inaccurate). The rate of infertility amongst married couples in the United States was around 8% in the late 1800’s.

Guess what it is today? Yep – 8%.

Even with all our pollution and pesticides and heavy metals the rate of couples who can’t conceive is about the same.

The question is, why?

It’s because nature is a lot more powerful than we think. We’re so disconnected from nature we forget how much it can overcome.

I’m not saying toxins can’t cause problems. For instance, it is a fact that strong ammonia and formaldehyde fumes can lead to serious problems with a pregnancy.

There’s also evidence that a chemical called BPA can hinder fertility.

But I honestly think that, after over a decade of working in Houston, Texas, one of the most polluted cities on Earth due to our proximity to the largest collection of oil refineries on the planet, the toxin argument is overblown.

True, you can always benefit purchasing organic whenever possible (although organic won’t keep you from being exposed to non-pesticide pollutants in the air and soil). And, if you want to pay a lot more for cosmetic and other products that are more natural, I am all for that.

I just haven’t seen where it’s made an actual difference in any of my patients’ outcomes.

At The Axelrad Clinic, we focus on the simple, basic, powerful things you can do to enhance nature’s power which, in my view, are far more effective than focusing on – and freaking out about – how toxic the world is.

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