Make YOUR BEST DECISION about IVF after you watch this short video series.

Chris Axelrad, Founder and Director of The Axelrad Clinic, along with Drs. Jason Yeh and Jason Griffith from Houston Fertility Institute, share their insights and experience to help you know what you need to know to make an informed, confident choice.


Each video is on this single page. Start at the top, with the introductory video below. Once you’ve finished that video, just scroll down the page to see and play the next video, and so on, until you’ve watched them all. đŸ™‚

Welcome And Introduction

Chris Axelrad welcomes you, helps you know who this video course is for, and gives you an idea what to expect.

The Facts About IVF

Chris gives you his (very experienced) perspective on what IVF is – from over a decade of helping hundreds and hundreds of couples successfully conceive healthy babies with IVF.

Common Myths About IVF

Chris gives you his (again… very experienced) perspective on the common myths surrounding IVF that cause unfounded fears and prevent people from making a clear decision about whether or not to take advantage of this advanced technology.

When To Consider Evaulation By A Fertility Specialist

Dr. Jason Yeh, Director of Patient Education at Houston Fertility Institute, gives you common-sense, helpful advice on when you might consider being evaluated for problems.

The Difference Between IUI and IVF – Important Things To Know

Dr. Yeh explains how IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) differs from IVF and some related considerations

Recent Advances in Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Jason Griffith, Practice Director at Houston Fertility Institute, details some of the recent advances in fertility medicine and what they mean for patients trying to start or grow their famillies.

Common Concerns of Prospective IVF Patients

Dr. Griffith addresses common concerns voiced by his patients and prospective patients.

The Ultimate Goal: One Healthy Baby Per Pregnancy

Dr. Yeh discusses the ultimate goal of one baby per cycle and how it is achieved more often now than ever.

Your Initial Consultation at Houston Fertility Institute – What To Expect

Dr. Yeh talks about what to expect at your initial consulation at HFI.

How To Get Started At HFI

Dr. Yeh tells you next steps to get your initial consultation set up at HFI.

How The Axelrad Clinic Can Help Increase Your Chances Of IVF Success

Chris explains how he and his team have been helping couples increase their odds of success for over a decade.

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