Get Your Story Straight: How Your Inner Stories Create Or Destroy Your Health

"The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms." - Muriel Rukeyser Sometimes life seems random, but it's not. Everything that happens within and around...

True Healing Begins With The Choice To Change

Drugs and surgery are useful for controlling symptoms, altering anatomical blockages, and ridding the body of infections. But, true healing requires change. To fully...

For Ashley – A Baby WAS Definitely “Meant To Be”

I don’t believe in fate, I believe in destiny. Fate is something you have no say in. It’s just “where you’re supposed to end up”. Destiny is something you create and unfold. It is the alignment of your Spirit with your true purpose.

Bioidentical Hormones – A Cure For Old Age?

Why most people don't feel well as they age is not because of aging. It's because we don't respect the process. And, it's because we've accepted many myths about our health as we continue to put unnecessary stress on our bodies that does nothing but accelerate the aging process.

3 Immune Boosting Fundamentals NOBODY ELSE is talking about.

Nobody else seems to mention these. But they're CRITICAL and even more impactful than Vitamin C and Zinc.