This is one I hear a lot, and it’s something you may have found yourself thinking.

“Why won’t my body just do what it is supposed to?!”

Or, another flavor of that which is, “My ovaries hate me…” or “My uterus hates me…”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s what your body does – it continually works to support what it thinks you are asking it to do.

Want to stay up late working on the computer every night until well past 10pm? Your body’s going to faithfully attempt to adapt to that and work as hard as it can to give you the resources to do it.

Want to drink only sweet tea instead of water? Your body will do everything in its power to make that work, too.

Want to eat a diet full of processed foods? Your body is going to keep you alive as long as it can, anyway. That’s how much your body loves you.

The key is that none of the above examples necessarily block fertility. Sometimes – in fact I’d say a LOT of the time – women conceive despite their bodies having to work twice as hard.

But the important thing here is to realize that your body is unique and just because someone else isn’t having problems staying up late or eating a poor diet, doesn’t mean you won’t.

And, despite what you might think to the contrary, your body is ALWAYS trying to adapt, it ALWAYS wants to support you, it ALWAYS wants to do what you are asking of it.

Jamie was on the verge of giving up by the time we had our first visit. She was just finished with her 5th IVF (two donor egg cycles and three with her own eggs) and was at a point where she just felt like “my body just doesn’t want to do this”.

I remember thinking to myself, “Maybe she’s right.” After all, she went through 5 IVF cycles and still wasn’t pregnant.

But she was adamant she wanted to keep trying and wasn’t ready to give up. Her fertility doctor, who was a friend of mine, had told her to come see me because he had nothing left to offer.

“You’re my last hope,” she said.

I wish I could say that kind of pressure freaked me out. But, honestly, I relish it. Which is I guess why I ended up doing what I do.

As it turned out, 5 months later after starting treatment at my clinic, Jamie was pregnant. We’re Facebook friends now and I recently saw a picture of her son who graduated kindergarten a few months ago.

Guess Jamie was wrong about her body not wanting to do it.

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