True, excessive exercise can wreak havoc on your hormones, and in some cases, lead to infertility. But, in my opinion, this is the exception, not the rule.

Your body was designed by nature to MOVE. And, in today’s world, there’s more than an 80% chance you’re not moving it enough.

Most of the people I see, and probably most of the people reading this, don’t move their bodies enough.

Take Julie, for example. 43 years old (that’s right forty-three) and after two clomid cycles, she still wasn’t pregnant.

She came to me for help and, like always, I did my best to help her.

We got her on The Sun Cycle Diet and she lost about 12 pounds in the first 3 months.

She was feeling great, but she still wasn’t pregnant. So, after a couple more months, she decided to “move on.”

At that time, I was running a lot after work. I’d go to the local park where we have a 3-mile running trail and do a lap after I finished clinic.

I remember running into Julie a couple of times there. She’d decided she wanted to get into shape. So, she and her husband were on a running routine where she was running three miles 4 days a week.

A few months later, just before her 44th birthday, Julie conceived her son.

Conventional wisdom – and even a lot of my colleagues – would have said that running would only hurt her chances, especially considering her age. PLUS, it was summer in Houston. It is insanely hot and humid here at that time of the year. I can only imagine how much Julie was sweating. Excessive sweating is another mythical “no-no” for those trying to conceive.

We get into more details about exercise in the book and in Axelrad Clinic Academy, so don’t think that YOU need to go run 3 miles for 4 days a week to get pregnant. I just wanted to illustrate that – in Julie’s case at least – more exercise was more fertility, even at almost 44 years old.

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