There’s a tendency to think that people we look up to are somehow “special”, like they have a special gift that we could never have.

We think that the wealthiest people are somehow different than us. We think that people who are more successful than we are in their careers have something we don’t. We think that people who are more fit and in shape than we are have a special skill we can’t develop.

And, a lot of women struggling to get pregnant think they are missing something as they watch everyone else conceive seemingly with no problem.

Karen, a 36-year-old teacher, once lamented to me that it seemed like she was missing something. “I’m not sure what it is, but it seems like everyone else has it and I don’t.”

She’d watched as four of her coworkers all got pregnant – one of them TWICE – in the past 3 years. For Karen, this was a big blow to her self-esteem.

Her visits to the doctor hadn’t been too fruitful for her. She wasn’t getting answers and, honestly, I don’t think there were answers. At least, not from any of her tests. They all came back clear.

When I first saw Karen I was puzzled, too. There were no glaring issues that I could pinpoint, although one thing I observed was that she was way overcommitted.

Not only did she teach flute in school, she taught private lessons after school 3 days a week.

I put her on The Three Foundations, and we also got her on key supplements to bolster some key areas of physiological weakness that were compromising her fertility.

She found it difficult to practice the 30-Minute Egg Quality Secret consistently, due to her time constraints with her after-school teaching. So, I told her maybe she should consider cutting back on that. She agreed after thinking about it because she realized she really didn’t need the money. She also felt only one out of the six students she was teaching was really dedicated to the extra time.

The very next month after she cut back on her after-school, she was pregnant.

Apparently maybe the other teachers DID have something she didn’t – which was time.

And, apparently Karen wasn’t missing anything in the fertility department.

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