It certainly helps to eat healthy but, as you have probably witnessed firsthand, for some reason there’s always that person who drinks two Red Bulls a day and eats like total crap yet still gets pregnant.

What this proves to me isn’t that those people are just “lucky” or somehow “breaking the rules”.

To me it’s just a reminder that nature is so, so strong. Our bodies are so incredibly resilient and can express nature’s blueprint even when they’re exposed to so-called “bad” habits and “unhealthy” foods.

I don’t recommend you start drinking two Red Bulls a day or staying up until 2am every night.

However, you don’t have to be anywhere near perfect with the simple diet changes you’ll learn later, in the chapter about my “Sun Cycle Diet”.

Marie, a 34-year-old stay at home mom, was having trouble with her second IVF – necessary due to a severe issue on her husband’s side. She’d come to me three years prior for help and had successfully conceived her son with IVF after a failed cycle.

She was – of course – 3 years younger back then. But there was no way that was the only explanation for why, on this most recent IVF attempt, she only produced 3 eggs.

Marie’s diet was never that great to begin with. Even during the first IVF I was only able to get her to make modest changes. Yet, she still made it.

She confessed during our initial meeting about her second IVF that since having her son she’d been a lot more tired, so she was drinking 3 to 4 regular Cokes daily.

That was the only thing I asked her to change – to stop drinking the Cokes.

The next cycle she produced 17 eggs (vs. 3 eggs on prior cycle) and ended up pregnant with a healthy 5-day blastocyst that became her second son.

Pretty simple, right? And things were never “organic” or “perfect” by any stretch.

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