Struggling With Depression? Tina’s Story Will Give You Hope. Promise.

Depression is truly one of the most difficult conditions - both for those who struggle with it and their loved ones. Not only is...

For Ashley – A Baby WAS Definitely “Meant To Be”

I don’t believe in fate, I believe in destiny. Fate is something you have no say in. It’s just “where you’re supposed to end up”. Destiny is something you create and unfold. It is the alignment of your Spirit with your true purpose.

The Art Of Transforming Stress Into Healing Energy

READ THIS ARTICLE FIRST. Then, click the button at the bottom to take your free course, "The Alchemy of Transforming Stress Into Healing Energy". In my...

Are Plastic Water Bottles REALLY Making People Infertile?

Overwhelming, difficult diets are often the worst thing we can do. Here's the story of a patient of ours who made one simple change and had a big, big result.