The creative power embodied in your cells, in your tissues and organs, and in your very being, is nothing short of a complete miracle.

We’ve tried and tried to reduce this down to mathematical and chemical formulas, molecular and genetic theorems…

But, in the end, no mental construct can contain the Infinite Source from which you emerged and that you continually represent.

When you feel limited, stuck, or not well, it is only because you have forgotten your miraculous beginnings and your unfathomable brilliance.

I know this is true, because I see it every day in my clinic — which is more like an alchemical cauldron for transformation than it is a medical practice.

Yes, we do medicine. Yes, we prescribe supplements, herbs, and we perform acupuncture treatments. But, the coolest thing is…

All the change emerges from within the unique and limitless consciousness of each of our patients.

The therapies we use aren’t about micromanagement. They aren’t about treating and trying to get a score on a lab test (although our patients regularly report improvements on lab tests like cholesterol, inflammation, blood sugar, hormones, and others).

Our therapies are about the re-emergence and re-claiming of that limitless healing intelligence that is waiting to express itself every minute, every day, for eternity.

Watching our patients blossom and grow — and HEAL — not just on the physical but on many, many other levels is nothing short of both humbling and inspiring.

What’s most amazing is that, honestly, our efforts are minimal. The entire process boils down to this:

  1. Care deeply.
  2. Listen closely.
  3. Guide wisely.
The rest happens because of your healing system and its unfathomable intelligence.

You may think you’re broken. You may think your body has forgotten how to heal.

To both of these, I say, “Impossible!”

You’re never broken, and your body never forgets how to heal. You are the continual, eternal, infinite embodiment of the same Intelligence that created this:


…and this

small green seedling in the ground

…and this

So you see, it’s not a matter of micromanaging your way to health (which is what the conventional medical model is largely based on with its hyper-focused medications and procedures). The intelligence embedded and embodied in every cell of your body knows exactly what to do.

The question is: Will you make it a priority to cultivate, encourage, and promote its growth and expression?

Will you exercise regularly (because your body was designed to move)?
Will you sleep at night (because your body naturally rests when the sun is down)?
Will you drink plenty of water, not flavored or colored drinks (because your body is 70% water and requires it for every single life process)?
Will you eat more fresh, natural foods and less processed, manufactured foods (because processed foods are like a foreign language to your body)?

These, and other things, are the foundation of the emergence of your Healing Intelligence, which then supports the emergence of YOU, the real you.

And, there are no shortcuts or quick-fixes. Your cells can’t be fooled, and they know the real from the artificial.

Yet, as soon as you begin, you feel better. As soon as you commit to fully supporting this healing energy within you, your strength begins to re-emerge. It is instantaneous and powerful.

So, don’t wait any longer. Your body is primed to heal. NOW.

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