I love this success story because it gets into the concept of optimization, which is an idea near and dear to my heart.

Optimization means making small changes and getting big results. I learned about optimization when I was a software engineer between 1995 and 2008.

At the company I worked for, we would write these insanely huge programs – literally millions of lines of code – to run complex server networks.

Some of these programs we created would run thousands of operations on hundreds of computers in a matter of minutes. Something that would take days and days for a human being to manually accomplish.

At the end of our development cycle, we’d do what we called an “Optimization Run” – meaning we’d all go through our code and find areas that were bottlenecks. A bottleneck is where things get blocked or slowed down. It’s usually one little routine or just a few lines of code.

Here’s the cool thing – and this is what always amazed me. I could go through and find 3 or 4 areas that needed small tweaks. A line of code here, a few lines there… and just making those small little changes the program would literally run up to 1000x faster.

Yes, that’s one-thousand times faster. Meaning something that took 10 seconds to complete before now took 1/10th of a second or less.

And – as I said before – this was after changing just a few lines of code out of millions of lines.

Sarah, a 40-year old pediatrician, came to me after three – yes THREE – failed frozen embryo transfers. Nobody could figure out why she wasn’t able to get pregnant.

These were donor-egg embryos, first of all. Secondly, they had been unable to find anything wrong on any of the testing the doctors had done.

What I was able to discover about Sarah was that she had significant bowel issues that nobody had paid attention to. She was lucky if she had two bowel movements a week.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but all I did was help Sarah fix the bowel issues and she got pregnant on her next cycle and delivered a healthy baby girl at 39 weeks.

There is a reason why this worked. And, it’s actually very, very simple – I’m surprised it’s not more commonly known.

(The details are in Chapter 3 of my book Awakening The Seed which can be purchased HERE on Amazon. Of course, if you become a patient at The Axelrad Clinic, you’ll automatically be taught this and entire optimized self-care system for fertility).

But, for now the point is that none of the things I recommend are Earth-shattering. None of them are rocket science. Yet, together, they form an almost impenetrable fortress of positive support for nature’s blueprint to work flawlessly.

That’s exactly what happened for Sarah. She changed a few things and got a big, big result – a baby.

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