If you’ve had all the tests, and nobody’s yet found a reason – or even if they DID find a reason and fixed it – and you’re still not pregnant… it can be insanely frustrating and demoralizing.

It’s easy to start to wonder… “Do I deserve this? Have I somehow brought this on myself? Am I being punished? Am I just not meant to be a mother?”

Sometimes we never know exactly why things happen the way they do. Sometimes things just can’t be explained by scientific tests.

This is where I go back to trusting nature. To sticking to what we know works, and getting back to simply supporting nature’s incredible, unfathomable power.

People often go in circles for months – years even – looking for a specific reason why they can’t get pregnant. Saliva tests, dried urine tests, blood tests, nutrient tests, food-allergy tests – and still no baby, no pregnancy.

Then, I go through their history and there are at least two or three obvious areas where they’re just not in sync with nature’s rhythms. Maybe they’re going to sleep super-late or eating out of sync with the sun cycle or they’re barely drinking enough water.

There’s not a test for that.

Sharon came to me with all her tests in a folder. She’d had all the tests I mentioned above and more. There were a few things on them that were slightly “off” – like her adrenal cortisol saliva test showed some issues, and her food allergy test was showing a lot of stuff in the red.

She’d started on some supplements to correct the cortisol issues and was completely avoiding all the recommended high-allergy foods.

She never felt that bad to begin with, but she did say she felt a little better once she started on her new regimen.

However, after several months, she still wasn’t pregnant. So, a friend told her to come see me and see if there was anything I could add.

Sharon’s habits left a lot to be desired. She didn’t have much of a bedtime, per se, so she just went to bed sometime between 10pm and 1230am, depending on what was on TV that night (meaning she watched TV in bed).

Her hydration was also very inconsistent. Some days she drank more, some less. Almost never did she get anywhere close to even 2 liters a day.

Another thing that nobody had picked up on (because it didn’t come up on any of the tests) was that Sharon had what appeared to be some significant metabolic issues. These were “sub-clinical” obviously because the tests didn’t show any pre-diabetes or insulin problems.

But when I asked her she told me that she often felt tired after meals – especially lunch.

So, without any additional tests, I recommended The Three Foundations and The Sun Cycle Diet (two of the most fundamental aspects of my program). I also put her on a key supplement to stabilize her metabolic system.

Several months later she conceived and now has a healthy baby boy.

There wasn’t another test. There was no magic bullet. Nature just needed help, and once she found someone who listened to her and what her body was saying instead of running more tests, she was able to give it that help.

Simple as that.

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