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In yet another study to demonstrate the potentially devastating impacts of excessive psychoemotional stress on the physical body,scientists have demonstrated that prolonged stress dramatically increases the levels of destructive proteins in the brains of rats — the same proteins that are linked to the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s.

Chinese Medicine has long maintained there are three main causes of disease: Poor diet, environmental toxins (including what we now understand as microbes), and emotional imbalance.

In fact, according to the sages of Chinese Medicine, the vast majority of illness has emotional roots.

What science is just beginning to investigate and understand is the fact that thoughts and feelings have biochemical effects. These internally-generated biochemical shifts, just like chemical changes from food, toxins, and microbes, can either help or harm our bodies.

In other words, what we think and feel can make us more healthy or make us sick.

In the clinic, I see the people every day who aren’t getting results from taking pills and injections. Sometimes they aren’t getting much better after surgeries they’ve undergone.

In almost every one of these cases, the root cause is psycho-emotional. In fact, I would say 99% of the time the mind and emotions are driving the pathology because, even when someone is not eating well and this is causing illness, there is a mental/emotional background for their choices.

Acupuncture, nutritional and herbal therapy, and mind-body coaching — the natural modalities we use exclusively in the clinic — offer a simple, yet amazingly effective path to redirect the mind and body away from a vicious cycle of ever-increasing stress and into a beneficial cycle of ever-increasing vitality and balance. Instead of attempting to forcefully override pathology, these methods gently re-train the mind-body system so that it stops making the harmful chemicals that lead to chronic illness.

People who choose and FOLLOW this natural path of healing emerge as self-sustained, self-motivated vehicles of health, vitality, and balance. But YOU have to actually do it.

What will you choose? Even if you can’t work with us directly, I highly encourage you to seek out the guidance of a qualified, experienced holistic clinician. In my opinion, everyone should build a relationship with an Acupuncturist or other holistic clinician.

We have primary care doctors to help us when we are sick. An even wiser choice  is to receive ongoing support from someone who can help us become more and more healthy over time.

Then, you have a lifetime ally who knows how to help you stay healthy, not just offer you a pill when a blood test says you might be getting sick.

There’s a massive difference in those approaches. Think about it. One is reactive, one is pro-active. One requires that a number on a piece of paper shows chemical imbalance, or that a score on a standardized test shows abnormalities.

A skilled practitioner of Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, pays attention to YOU, your story, your LIFE.

And, that is what matters most in healing.

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