Giving up is resignation, admitting defeat. The posture of giving up is head slumped forward, expression of sadness, grief, exhaustion.

Surrender is different. You open your arms wide, embrace the Universe, and trust in its flow. You know in your heart that you are loved by the Divine.

Surrender means you’ve simply decided to stop fighting. You haven’t given up. In fact, you’ve opened your heart even more to the possibility of true victory.

Giving up is entrenched in the win-lose mentality, therefore it reflects fight, struggle, and pain. And, you as “loser”, “weak”, and “unworthy”.

Surrender lets go of the win-lose mentality. It is a win-win. You stop struggling, fighting, and going against the current. You open up to life’s flow. You find strength, courage, and hope where there once was none.

Some call this “faith”. I call it “gratitude”. Because gratitude is an expression of surrender. It is an acceptance, and magnification, of what IS. It is an acknowledgement of the abundance that already surrounds you. It is a mindset based in being present to blessing vs. trying to escape from hardship.

Everything exists in mind. All you perceive, feel, and think is happening in mind, and your thoughts and opinions about the “world” out there only reflect your own beliefs and perspective. That’s it.

So, when you are fixated on fight and struggle, that’s what happens inside you. Your cells, muscles, organs, glands, nervous system, immune system — you name it — are inundated with the message of conflict. And, because every cell in your body loves you so much, they do everything in their power to respond to that mental/emotional cue.

In fact, your body is the manifestation of all the thoughts and emotions you feel all the time, both conscious and (mostly) subconscious. In other words, your subconscious emotional themes are the dominant messages your cells hear ALL THE TIME.

Are those subconscious feelings positive or negative? Do you love yourself, or are you overly critical of yourself? Do you feel you have inherent value or do you struggle to prove your worth to others and yourself? Are there echoes of long suppressed and unresolved anger and grief and regret reverberating through that subconscious layer?

The fighter in you is what suppresses that. And, I’m not saying fight is wrong. We have to fight sometimes, to get through life, to make it through tough times. We can’t always “deal with” everything. And, this is how nature works.

Whatever’s there bouncing around in that subconscious emotional layer is what literally shapes your body, its function, and its state of balance or dis-ease (“dis-ease” here meaning “lack of ease”, feeling “uncomfortable”, “not being at ease with oneself”).

At some point, it becomes time to let go. Time to stop suppressing. Time to accept, surrender, and release. Time to SET YOURSELF FREE.

That’s either going to happen now, or later. For many, it doesn’t happen until the very end.

For those of us who REALLY WANT TO LIVE, it must happen sooner. Because all that weight you’re carrying is what is keeping you from reaching your full potential, from truly living, from being creative and alive and beautiful.

So, how do you do it?

First, accept things as they are right now. Stop wishing for them to be different. Be willing to embrace what IS. So often we judge what is happening as good or bad, right or wrong. For this moment, simply let it be. Stop labeling.

Second, accept YOURSELF as you are right now. Be kind to yourself, realize that you are unique, you are a star of the Universe, and nothing can ever take that away from you. Your value isn’t defined by what you own or what you accomplish. It isn’t defined by who loves you or who you love. Your value simply IS. Start from that place.

Third, accept that you do not control 99.9% of external reality. You don’t control how other people behave or the choices they make. You don’t control world events or politics. You don’t control how others feel about you and, sometimes, you don’t even control how you feel about them! (Ever heard of “falling” in love?).

Finally, center in on what you DO control. These three things are the “A,B,C” of staying centered. Attitude. Breath. Choices.

You can always choose to have a positive ATTITUDE.

You can always choose to slow down and soften your BREATH.

You can always choose to make CHOICES that support your well being and that are based in kindness.

So, don’t give up! Never give up! Surrender, and find your sublime victory.

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