Drugs and surgery are useful for controlling symptoms, altering anatomical blockages, and ridding the body of infections. But, true healing requires change. To fully recover from and move on from disease, we are called upon to change how we live, for it is our life-patterns that precipitate the conditions for disease to take root and thrive.

But, change can be scary and downright difficult. If change were easy, we’d all be moving through life with no problems at all. We would be in a continual state of acceptance of what is, and easily shift into ever more authentic states of being.

Change represents a sort of death. It is a letting go of a part of ourselves that no longer serves us. In a sense, that part of us dies. The aspect of our emotional body that is charged with ensuring our survival sees all death as something to be avoided. When we operate primarily from the level of survival, change is nearly impossible because fear is the dominant emotion.

A successful process of change must start from a place of acceptance and trust. When our change is motivated by fear, we start from a place of clouded judgment. When our change is motivated by lovingkindness and a desire to be more of ourselves, we start from a place of clarity and purpose.

In fact, this is the key to unlock the full self-healing potential of our being — to be the most authentic version of ourselves at all times. This means honoring our heart, which necessitates a complete and unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves right this very moment. To reach this place, we must also let go of the need to control the external world, including the feelings of others. Sometimes we delay our own growth, and the growth of our loved ones, by trying to protect ourselves and others from pain.

So, how does this tie in with holistic medicine? The answer may not be obvious, but it is simple. Holistic medicine is about healing the entire being. We aren’t just concerned with the mechanics of the body, the chemistry of proteins, fats, cells, hormones, and other measurables. We are concerned with the entirety of being, of the life that desires greater balance and harmony. We recognize that while fixing the body is a good start, in the end healing is about renewed purpose on every level of being — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

To reach this place of renewal requires more than just a band aid. It requires a new approach to life that encompasses everything from the food we eat to how we breathe, from the people we love to how we love them, from how we work to how we play.

It is impossible to encapsulate this healing process into a neat and tidy system. In fact, this healing process is an organic, core part of your being right now. The instructions are etched into your very soul. And, each of us carries a completely unique set, albeit with some common threads.

In my clinical practice, I am always working to help people recognize those encoded healing cues. I start from the common threads that we all share, which I have learned via Taoist Alchemy, and use that as a window to see into a person’s deeper self, where we can begin to unlock his or her unique healing blueprint.

Of course, I am only a facilitator. The difference between what I do and conventional approaches is that I don’t offer quick-fixes. People who work with me are called upon to do something to change their lives. My role is to support and help them facilitate that change with natural methods that strengthen and revitalize.

And, once strength and vitality return, healing naturally follows. Are you ready for change?

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