Woman getting an acupuncture treatment in a spa

It’s easy to marvel at the amazing, seemingly miraculous technology of modern medicine. We have machines to image the inside of the body and help repair sick tissue. We can use cameras to look inside hollow body surfaces, and robots that allow surgeons to operate with unprecedented precision.

But, sadly, in the modern age many of us have lost appreciation for the truly miraculous technology of ourselves and the living bodymind system we represent.

This living, breathing, intelligent system is in perpetual motion, making billions of decisions every second. Proteins and fats transforming into hormones, peptides, cytokines, energy… Circulatory pressure constantly adjusting to subtle changes in environment, activity, and emotion.

Nature’s supreme intelligence pulses through you every millisecond, it is constantly seeking its fullest expression through you.

And, each organ and tissue has its own role to play, it own unique intelligence that is designed to blend harmoniously and cooperatively with the others into a unified field of living energy.

The energy that conveys this intelligence, guiding and informing the function of your bodymind, was called Qi by the ancient sages. It is literally the intelligent, creative life force that powered the Big Bang, and that still lives and resonates within and around you.

It IS you and YOU are it.

The premise I teach all my patients, and the foundational principle of my practice, is that no matter what, your bodymind always contains this supreme intelligence — more intelligent, and more powerful, than any human-created technology could ever be. And, while our machines and procedures and drugs can be helpful assistants, the real work of healing is always done by this intelligent life force of which you are made.

There is never reason to give up hope. Ever. This living, healing energy is here, right now, this very moment, infused thru every cell of your being.

All you have to do is call it forth, awaken it, and give it the support to keep going.

Then, all healing becomes possible.

Acupuncture works at this level. It is very subtle, so many in the medical and scientific community write it off, just like they often write off the idea that attitude and emotions have anything to do with health.

But, I can tell you that, with Acupuncture, the ancients discovered a powerful way to wake up and mobilize nature’s healing technology in your body.

Time and time again, I have seen this subtle, painless stimulation to the body cause incredible shifts in wellness, energy levels, pain reduction, hormonal balance…

Never underestimate the power of your bodymind. It is made of the same technology that created the entire Universe.

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