Life can be tough sometimes. Or, at least it can seem that way.

There are challenges all of us must face. Maybe the challenges you’re facing now are overwhelming. Maybe you feel like giving up.

I’m going to tell you something now that goes against everything you’ve been taught. And, I want you to listen (read) carefully… READ ALL OF THIS so that it makes sense.

Since you were little, everybody around you has taught you “hard work pays off”. “Just keep on keepin’ on.” “Keep your nose to the grindstone.” “Just keep working at it, you’ll get there eventually.”

But, the truth is, you have nowhere to go to find happiness, peace, contentment, or healing.

It’s all right here, right now.

So, GIVE UP. Let go, and stop looking for it. Stop fighting, stop struggling, stop trying so darned hard.

Take a deep breath, right now. Do it. Inhale, feel the air entering your lungs. Now, exhale and release all the tension, worry, effort, and “work”. Let it go.

Do it again. Do it one more time. As you exhale, feel the struggle leaving you.

It’s OK. You don’t need it anymore. I PROMISE.

Now, once that struggle and effort and tension begins to leave you, once you GIVE IT UP, something else begins to open and awaken. That’s because now you’re giving it space.

As this new force begins to awaken inside you, you remember it. It’s familiar. Like an old friend or a long-lost relative. Like you have come home to something after a long, long journey.

NOW you can rest.

That force you are feeling now is your true self, which has no limits and is connected to the source of everything. It has a constant, unending supply of Divine Love and Healing Energy for you to immerse yourself in.

It’s there. I promise. And, the way to rediscover it and allow it to emerge is what I just shared with you.

Inhale, exhale. Let go.

Give up your struggle. And by doing so, you find your challenges don’t seem so big after all. You can handle them.

You see, struggle — and searching and grasping and TRYING so hard — is founded in FEAR. Fear that you’re going to miss something, or get something wrong, or something bad is going to happen if you don’t “get there”.

But, you’re already there. So, when you let go, give up the fight, and center in your breath, your heart begins to open.

And, therein lies the answer to all.

Look inside your heart. You will never be disappointed.

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