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You began as a single cell. One cell.

In a matter of days you managed to organize into an embryo comprised of many thousands of cells, poised to differentiate into some of the most exquisitely complex structures imaginable. Bone marrow, liver cells, intestinal lining, spinal cord, brain, heart muscle, kidney tubules, and millions more… all working together to form a functioning, whole human being. You.

You move through life, processing incredible amounts of information every millisecond. This information is not just coming from sensory inputs. Internal shifts and changes on a cellular level are happening billions of times a second. All of this is going on every minute of every day that you are alive.

Proteins are built to provide structure and scaffolding to organs and tissues. Enzymes are created to facilitate insanely complex chemical transformations — sometimes to generate chemicals that last seconds if not less. Fats and sugars are metabolized, stored, and then released at just the right moment to generate the energy the cells need to continue their constant life processes.

All to support YOU, to keep YOU alive and well.

It’s amazing, this thing we call the human body. When you really think about it, the fact that all these trillions of cells are able to function as one living entity. It’s like an ongoing symphony — all the players are tuned to the same rhythm and pitch, moving together to create one song.

But, what is it that ties all of this together? Coordinates it? What is the “conductor” of this symphony?

How do the cells know where to go and what to do? How do they know which proteins to make at which times?

Conventional science will tell you it’s all in the DNA. But this is becoming an antiquated concept. What the new science — armed with new theorems and principles of quantum physics — is discovering is that, yes, DNA is a “blueprint”, but the cells “decide” what part of the blueprint to access. DNA isn’t controlling anything, it’s just what the cells of your body are reading. It’s the plans, but it isn’t the builder.

So, how do the cells know what to do? Because they’re all “listening” if you will to a common signal, like everyone listening to the same radio broadcast.

That broadcast is carried by energy. Life Force. “Qi” (prounounced “chee”).

I believe that Qi — or “Vital Energy” — is the medium that carries intelligence to your cells and tissues. It carries the broadcast of “you”, both everything that makes you unique, and everything you have in common with all of life.

It isn’t something you can perceive directly, with sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell. It’s like the wizard behind the curtain. It makes all of the show happen, but stays hidden behind the scenes. It’s in the space between all things, yet it is there providing shape and direction.

But it’s there. For sure. At least in my book.

And, it is the essential ingredient for healing. It carries this ultimate energy of “you”, and it guides and directs your body’s regenerative powers to constantly, continually recreate “you” every minute, every second, every day.

So, the question isn’t where do you get more of it… Because you’re literally swimming in it right now. It’s everywhere, every minute.

The question is, how do you enhance the signal? How do you get more “tuned-in” to the intelligence it carries?

This is where acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and mind-body exercises help.

I invite you to contemplate this new story of you. I invite you to be in awe of yourself and all that you represent.

After all, YOU are where all healing begins.

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