A long time ago (for some of us, a longer time than others), in what now seems like a galaxy far, far away… There was a big bang.

It was the moment you were conceived.

Sperm and egg met, there was a massive spark (at least massive on a microscopic scale), and the completely miraculous process of creating your physical body began.

Billions upon billions of cell divisions, organs forming, bones forming, tissues spreading out. All knowing exactly where to go, what to do, who to join up with, and how to shape themselves.

Have you ever thought of this? Really? I mean, think about it. One cell — an egg. That’s where you started. And, somehow that massive explosion of cells knew how to arrange itself into the maddeningly complex thing that you are now (and I mean “maddeningly” in the best possible way… as in as a race we’ve been driving ourselves mad ever since trying to figure out how it works).

There is a force that guides all of that. We know its there because, well, we see the result. Scientists have tried — in vain — to locate and pinpoint the chemicals that trigger all of this cellular organization. But, they haven’t found the magic potion yet.

Yes, they have figured out ways to tell stem cells to become this or that kind of cell — for instance skin or bone cells or heart muscle cells.

But, life — YOU — didn’t emerge in a petri dish as an experiment. You formed completely on your own. Nobody intervened in this process. There wasn’t a single “conscious” thought on your part to do this.


But don’t take that to mean it was chance or luck. Not at all. This was a supremely intelligent process that caused the formerly one-celled version of you to become what you are today.

In fact, I like to say that it is a creative impulse, a power that all of us have at our core. It is what we ARE in our most eternal, pure form.

It is the impulse to HEAL, to be whole. As long as that impulse can express itself in you, nothing can stop you. Nothing.

You are not broken. You are not defective. Even if science and medicine treat you as a system doomed to break down and fail at some point, you are not that fragile, nor are you a disaster waiting to happen.

You are a reflection of pure healing potential. By DEFAULT, your Body, Mind, and Spirit seek regeneration, renewal, and reconnection.

Repair… The bringing together of what was once separate into a unified whole.

All those cells forming at light speed knew exactly how to come together into unified organs and tissues that make up your body. And, they STILL REMEMBER HOW TO DO THAT.

It’s not something chemical. It’s energy, it’s a SPIRIT inside those cells. It’s YOUR Spirit.

So, healing begins there. And, I’m not talking about the kind of healing where you take an antibiotic to cure an infection. I’m talking about the kind of healing where you become stronger, you emerge as a more complete version of yourself, and you find your passion for life again.

This encompasses all levels — Body, Mind, Spirit. There is no separation.

When you start with Spirit, you emit and focus a frequency that guides the entire rest of the process with that SAME intelligence that created you in the first place.

Is diet important? Yep. Do herbs and supplements help? You bet. Can acupuncture stimulate your body’s healing system? Absolutely.

But, when you add INTENTION to the process, grounded in unconditional loving-kindness, you are unlocking the memory, the blueprint, the unstoppable force that was present in the one-celled version of you.

It’s still there. And, it’s the best place to start.

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